How I improved my broadband speeds by 72%

In my previous post (Ultrafast Broadband Speed Tests) I performed a number of broadband speed tests on BT's new Ultrafast broadband. The speeds I managed to obtain that day were: iPad 301-225Mbs Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 148-176Mbps Motorola Moto G4 Phone 113Mbps Desktop PC 41.29 - 55.88Mbps The speed test results on my desktop PC... Continue Reading →

Ultrafast Broadband Speed Tests

The Ultrafast Broadband service was installed yesterday morning. The BT engineer first activated the service at the BT cabinet in the street not far from my house. He then replaced the phone line’s master socket. After connecting the BT Smart Hub X router to the socket,  I logged on to the admin console of... Continue Reading →

The new BT Smart Hub X

This is the new BT Smart Hub X which I received yesterday for the BT Ultrafast Broadband trial. The box should fit through most letter boxes, but the postman did knock on the door to deliver mine. Inside the box, showing a surprisingly large broadband hub. I placed a £2 coin on the hub as... Continue Reading →

My Ultrafast 300Mbps Broadband trial begins soon

I've been accepted on BT's Ultrafast Broadband trial. This new technology is based on technology and was trailed by BT in the summer of 2015 in Huntington (Cambridgeshire) and Gosforth (Newcastle), with further pilot sites in 2016 in Cambridgeshire and Kent. BT are expanding the trial to a further 20 locations. Find out more... Continue Reading →

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