Fixing SnagIt 2021-2022 post-upgrade problems

It seems that a number of SnagIt users have experienced problems after upgrading to the latest version of SnagIt 2022. I found that this version was not very stable: capture a screenshot - doesn't appear in the editor, print screen shortcut keys stops working, frequent crashes when attempting to capture. There are a number of... Continue Reading →

Using SnagIt Screen capture software

I use SnagIt to create screenshots, short videos and animated GIFs. These can these be put together to create training and user-support materials. Please see the examples below for some ideas. For reasons why you may want to use SnagIt see Snagit vs Snipping Tool: 5 Reasons You Need To Switch Step-by-Step instructions Annotation a... Continue Reading →

Selenium web driver for Firefox error: Unable to find a matching set of capabilities

The error "Unable to find a matching set of capabilities" when running the test script below may be caused by installing the wrong version of the Selenium web driver for Firefox: from selenium import webdriver browser= webdriver.Firefox() browser.get('')   I have FireFox 64-bit edition on my system, but installed the 32-bit gecko driver. This caused... Continue Reading →

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