About Me

I work as the IT Manager at the Institute for Sustainability Leadership. The institute is one of the departments within the School of Technology at the University of Cambridge.

Over the last 30 years I’ve helped hundreds users and worked with many different technologies and platforms in business and education.

I’ve been working with Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) since 2020 along with a bit of Power Apps. I’m active on the Microsoft Power Automate Community as ekarim2020 and have authored over 456 solutions since July 2021.

I also coach and mentor individuals on how to use technology through training, guiding and advising, and help with problem-solving.

I like to stay up-to-date but it’s not easy with fast changing technology. I try to blog about things I have come across in my daily job when I have time. This is my personal IT blog and any views or opinions expressed are solely my own. Click here to contact me.

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1989-1990: My first PC/XT clone made by Aries (Watford, UK), Epsom Laser printer, Star LC-10 dot matrix printer and a hand held scanner.

This is or was my office on a tidy day (that’s not my desk by the way!):

I’ll be moving into the “World-first sustainable office retrofitted” headquarters in the Autumn of 2022, inshallah. The building is called the Entopia Building.

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