How to secure the inputs and ouputs of your flows

By default you can see the inputs and outputs of your flow actions in the run history:

You can hide sensitive or confidential inputs and outputs (like passwords) from the run histiory.

You can enable secure inputs and outputs to work with sensitive data so when someone tries to look into the inputs and outputs they only see the following message “Content not shown due to security configuration”:

How to enable Secure Inputs and Outputs for the Compose Action

For the Compose action you only need to enable Secure Inputs only:

Don’t enable the Secure Outputs or you wont be able to save the flow:

How to enable Secure Inputs and Outputs for other actions

Here is another example using the Get secret aciton where both Secure Inputs and Outputs have been enabled:

If you have confidential data that you don’t want to be visible to your users, you can hide that data using secure input and output settings in Power Automate.

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