How Can I Limit the Number of Power Automate Flows That Can Run at the Same Time?

Running flows concurrently or sequentially.

Question: How can I limit the number of Power Automate flows that can run at the same time? I want to make sure that the previous flow has completed running before another instance of the flow is run.


Power automate has an option called concurrency control. By enabling this feature you can limit the number of flows that can run at the same time.

The flow trigger's settings option
Go to the triggers Settings option

Try setting the value to 1 as shown below so that only one instance of the flow can run at anyone time:

Setting the concurrency control to 1
Setting the concurrency control to 1

Concurrency control in Power Automate can also be used to decrease the execution time of flows. Please see the notes for more information.


  1. Power Automate: What is Concurrency Control? by Manuel T. Gomes
  2. Two Concurrency options to better control speed in the Power Platform by Pieter Veenstra

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