How Do I Add Days to a Partial Date Such as 07-Feb Using Power Automate?

Question: I am being presented with a date as text such as “07-Feb”. I just need to be able to add 6 days to it. I have tried a bunch of ways to make this work to no avail. Any recommendations?

Power Automate has an addDays function but we will need to provide the date string in a valid timestamp format.

What we need to do is:

  • Add the current YEAR to the date string to get 07-Feb-2022
  • Add 6 days
  • Format the output of the addDays() function as dd-MMM to get 13-Feb

The expression we can use to achieve this is:

addDays(concat(variables('varDate'),'-', utcNow('yyyy')),6,'dd-MMM')
The addDays expression for the flow.

This is the flow:

The demo flow.

And here is the runtime output:

The runtime output

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