How to save email attachments to OneDrive for Business using Power Automate

You can use Power Automate to automatically move your email attachments to a folder in OneDrive for Business. In this post I’ll show you how to move email attachments to a OneDrive for Business folder.

This is the flow that we will build:

Image of the flow that we will build

1. Start by creating an automated cloud flow:

Select automated cloud flow

2. Give your flow a name then select the flow’s trigger as When a new email arrives (V3):

Set flow a name then select the flow's trigger

3. Set the following two properties of the When a new email arrives (V3) trigger:

When a new email arrives (V3) trigger
Include AttachmentsShould the response of the trigger include the attachments content.
Only with AttachmentsIf set to true (Yes), only emails with an attachment will be retrieved. Emails without any attachments will be skipped. If set to false (No), all emails will be retrieved.

4. Add an Apply to each loop (2) and set Attachments as the output (3) as shown below. The loop will save each attachment to a OneDrive folder of our choice:

Apply to each loop

5. Add a OneDrive for Business Create File action (4), then select a OneDrive folder to save the attachments to. In the example below I am saving the attachments to a folder called Attachments:

Create File in OneDrive - Select a OneDrive folder to save attachments to

6. Finally select the attachment’s filename and file content (4) from Dynamic content:

Create File in OneDrive -  set Filename and content

Example Runtime output

The example runtime output below shows that the Apply to each loop ran eight times. This means that eight files were sent as file attachments in the email and eight files were saved to OneDrive:

Example Runtime output


When a new email arrives (V3) – This operation triggers a flow when a new email arrives. It will skip any email that has a total message size greater than the limit put by your Exchange Admin or 50 MB, whichever is less. It may also skip protected emails and emails with invalid body or attachments.

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