Fixing SnagIt 2021-2022 post-upgrade problems

It seems that a number of SnagIt users have experienced problems after upgrading to the latest version of SnagIt 2022. I found that this version was not very stable: capture a screenshot – doesn’t appear in the editor, print screen shortcut keys stops working, frequent crashes when attempting to capture. There are a number of reports on TechSmith’s user forums about these post-upgrade problems. As a result I removed SnagIt 2022 and returned to using SnagIt 2021.

Recently, after having a live chat with TechSmith support on 28th December, I’ve had SnagIt 2022 running now without issue for the past three days (as of 31/12/2021) on Windows 10 (v21H2 Build 19044.1415).

Below is the summary of the actions that were needed to get it working. Note that these steps may not work for everyone.

(1) Use Task Manager to terminate any SnagIt processes.

Use Task Manager to terminate any SnagIt processes

Check for any SnagIt background processes too and terminate these:

Check for any SnagIt background processes too and terminate these

(2) Check Add or Remove Programs to ensure SnagIt 2022 has been removed.

Even though I had uninstalled SnagIt 2022, the installer still thought it was installed. Check Add or remove programs to make sure SnagIt 2022 has been removed, if not, uninstall it from Add or remove programs.

 Check Add or Remove Programs

I did not uninstall SnagIt 2021 from my system. I want to install SnagIt 2022 along side SnagIt 2021.

(3) Next download and run the SnagIt 2022 installer:

If the installer still thinks that SnagIt 2022 is installed, click Remove from the options presented to you by the SnagIt 2022 installer.

SnagIt 2022 installer screen.

(4) Once the Remove action has completed run the installer again and install SnagIt 2022.

(5) After SnagIt 2022 had successfully installed, I proceeded to thoroughly test SnagIt 2022. I also rebooted my PC and continued with my tests.

Add or remove programs screen showing both SnagIt 2021 and SnagIt 2022 installed.
Both SnagIt 2021 and 2022 installed on the same computer.

Update 1 7-JAN: A pre-release version to fix capture crashes has been released

(1) We have a fix for the capture crash that was occurring with some websites/applications. If you’re willing to try a pre-release version, this might remedy the crash issue you’re seeing. We’ve tested it and sent it out to others that have experienced the crash and if all signs point to it being resolved, we’ll get the fix out for all soon.

Pre-release installer:

Update 2 7-JAN: A pre-release version 2:

(2) The current plan is next week as we test some more to make sure nothing else is happening. And here is another updated installer too for a further safeguard for the capture crashing:

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