Pulling Trello Card Comments using Power Automate

Question: I am trying to create a flow that pulls all comments from each of my cards in Trello into Excel. Something is wrong because it is not working, can anyone help me? I need to pull the most recent comments.

This is the high-level view of the flow that can be used to extract the most recent comments for Trello cards:

Use the List the cards in a board to connect to your Trello board:

Each Trello card has a numeric field called Comments. We want to select cards that have one or more comments attached to them. We can use the Filter array action to select only those cards that have one or more comments (you can filter on additional criteria if you so wish):

The filter array action returns a list of all the cards in the Trello board that have one or more comments. We will need to loop trough each card and get the all the card’s comments using the List Comments for a card action:

The Compose Most Recent Comments action contains expressions that gets us the most recent card comments. Trello stores comments in date order with the newest comment listed first. We can use the first() function to get the first comment for each card.

You can replace the Compose action with your own flow actions to update an Excel spreadsheet . You could also append to each card details to a string variable and then a single send an email containing the most recent card comments.

Here is a sample output from the Compose Most Recent Comments action:

This is the behind the scenes JSON card object:

I’ve not explained the Apply to each 2 loop – which has actions that get each card’s comments one-by-one. It’s not needed for the problem we are solving – as we only need the most recent comment and the first function does that for us.

See: Pulling Trello Comments and Power Automate Templates for Trello

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